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Creating one of a kind accessories to make your vehicle the ONE RIG unique to you.




Custom Design 


Rapid Prototyping


CNC Machining


3D Printing


CAD/CAM Services


Snowmobile Ice Scratcher
No-Drill Ice Scratcher Mounts
& Acccessories 


Dream, Design, Drive your ONE RIG


One Rig Design is the first company providing affordable custom design and manufacturing services to motorsports enthusiasts.  Many gearheads have great ideas for automotive accessories or upgrades, but lack the resources to turn the idea into a reality.  One Rig will listen to those ideas, working with customers to turn the idea into a functional, finished product at an affordable price. Using 3D printing and CAD design, ideas are visually modeled on a computer and prototyped out of durable composite materials before machining.  Share your powersports problems and ideas and we will turn the problems into solutions and ideas into reality.

Questions? Ideas?

Have a problem you want solved?

Have an idea you want built?


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