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What is One Rig? 
One Rig Design is the first company providing affordable custom design and manufacturing services to motorsports enthusiasts.  Many gearheads have great ideas for automotive accessories or upgrades, but lack the resources to turn the idea into a reality.  One Rig will listen to those ideas, working with customers to turn the idea into a functional finished product at an affordable price. Using 3D printing and CAD design, ideas are visually modeled on a computer and constructed out of durable composite materials.  share your motorsports problems and ideas with us to turn the problems into solutions and ideas into reality.
What can we do for you?
Engineering Design 
CNC Machining
3D Printing
CAD Modeling 
CAM programming
Our Story 

The idea of One Rig Design was sparked in 2011 as I was home on spring break from studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maine . An avid outdoorsman, I was gearing up for the start of the fishing season and had grown tired of throwing rods in my truck bed, or cramming them diagonally through the cab, out a window, and between the passenger's legs.  Naturally, I took to the internet to order a vehicle fishing rod rack. To my amazement, I found nothing that suited my needs.  So, I took matters into my own hands and made the first version of what later became my first product: the Rugged Rod Rack. 

I used this rack in the back of my 2001 F150 under my tonneau cover for three years successfully, without a single rod being damaged.  The rack even protected the rod as the tonneau cover was torn off during the violent winds of Hurricane Irene and thrown four cars down from where my truck had been parked on the UMaine campus.


Later, in 2013 I started UMaine's Clean Snowmobile team and led a team of 12 fellow students in designing and successfully building one of the first snowmobiles in the world to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Our build took 3rd place at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress in 2014.


Combining a passion for motorsports, the great outdoors, and engineering, I have continued designing new accessories to uniquely customize vehicles ever since.  What started as simple hand drawings of a fishing rod rack has turned into complex 3D computer models, 3D printing, and CNC manufacturing.


Rest assured that One Rig Design's products are meticulously handcrafted with the same passion and enthusiasm which started One Rig Design.


Happy Designin’,

Eric Plourde


UMaine CNG snowmobile
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