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Matryx Indy 137 Ice Scratcher Mounts

SSB's [Skid Scratcher Blocks]

Install Ice Scratchers without drilling, damaging the sled's rails and voiding warranty.


Powa- Reela is an adapter which enables a drill to rapidly reel in fishing line spools. 

Keep your gloves on! Reel up 100 ft in under 30 seconds!

Indy Storage Hooks

Store Ice Scratcher on hook, avoid damaging rails and getting scratchers hung up while crossing obstacles or loading onto trailer.
Polaris General Bed Rack

BR-1 Modular
Bed Rack System

Adaptable, Configurable, Rugged
 Bed Rack System designed to bolt on to many side by side UTV beds
SSB - RG146 Matryx Assault 146 Ice Scratcher Mounts

Rail Guards

Protect skid rails from chips, dings, and damage from slapping ice scratcher.
Preserve powdercoat.
Store scratcher securely.
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